Clarifying and Validating Your Business Idea Workshop


This workshop offers you a clear picture of how to choose the right business idea for you.


Do you have a business idea (or many) but you are not sure if it will work?


Do you have loads of ideas but getting just one of them off the ground has proven difficult?


Or, are you mad keen to start a business, but you are short of ideas and fearful of making the wrong decision?


If that is you, you are in the right place.

If you have too many ideas, it will help you sort which one is the best one for you right now.

If you have no ideas, it will provide you with specific areas to find a business idea that is aligned with who you are and want you want.

From there, the easy instructional video lessons will take you through a series of filters and ‘gates’ to test your idea, ensuring the greatest likelihood of success.

There is nothing quite as annoying as spending a lot of time and resources on an idea that will not make it past the post.

To avoid this scenario, the workshop will take you through several clarification and validation steps.

This Digital Workshop includes:

  1. Introduction Video – The Workshop Details
  2. Lesson 1 – Idea Filtering and Creation
  3. Lesson 2 – Gates and Checkpoints
  4. Lesson 3 – Validating Your Idea
  5. Lesson 4 – Growing Your Idea
  6. Bonus – Tips to Start

* Once your purchase is completed, you will receive an account with your login details to start the Workshop. You can then start the workshop immediately with no time limits to completion.

In Clarifying and Validating Your Business Idea Workshop, you will:


Begin the course. Once you join, you’ll have immediate access to the course and can complete the lessons at your own pace.


Explore your ideas. In the four video lessons, I will guide you step by step as you explore and test your ideas to find your best business idea.


Kick-start your plan. Once you know your best idea, you’ll be ready to turn your dream into a reality. And I’ll show you how!


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