I am sure you have heard this phrase before, just possibly not with the word ‘Women’ in the front of it.

But the delightful reality it is true. There has never been a time in the whole of history where women have unfettered access to education, technology, resources, customers, knowledge and skills. With this in mind, it does not mean that starting a business is going to be a walk in the park.

It simply means that there are less barriers to entry into the marketplace.

It does not matter your age, education, where you live, what skills and knowledge you have or don’t have. If you can access a computer connected to the internet, you honestly can start a business overnight and open doors the very next day.

You don’t need a MBA

You don’t need investors

You don’t have to open up a bricks and mortar shopfront

You don’t have to hire a bunch of people, including a HR team nor do you need to do everything yourself.

You can build a business today and open up tomorrow.

When it comes to resources, knowledge and skill acquisition, you need go no further initially that the list below-


Youtube and Google – whenever I want to learn something quickly, the University of Youtube and Google is where I go.

Nearly every challenge, question, inquiry or problem you have, most of these can be solved from visiting these 2 search engines.

  • If you need to start a Facebook Advertising Campaign -> Youtube
  • If you want to search for Grant Funding for your business locally -> Google

You are only a couple of keystrokes away from finding an answer to every question you may have. This does not mean I recommend you do any open heart surgery because you have seen a video on how it is performed. It simply means that you can access so much information and “how To” videos at your fingertips.



When I want a website built, a presentation done, an image or logo created, a template created, or almost any type of job done, I go to the below websites for help. The great thing is that once the work is done, I review it and if I am happy with the end product, I make the payment and that is the end of the transaction. There is no obligation outside of that transaction for either party.

  • Upwork.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Fiverr.com



No longer is this an issue, women can access finance today if you need it.

It is not the same as it was in our Grandmothers day – if she walked into a bank seeking a loan, she might be treated quite differently than if she were a man. Thank goodness those days are passed.

There of course is the exception in the Venture Capital space though, this landscape certainly needs to pick up its game in terms of equality when distributing investment funds. But overall, it is definitely easier to acquire funds including using fund generating sites like

  • Gofundme
  • Crowdfunder
  • Indiegogo
  • Rockethub
  • Bonfire



It is possibly a blessing that the biggest challenge women have today is one that can be overcome. And that is taking the first steps towards starting that business. Especially when fear steps in.

In today’s hyper-social media driven space, fear can certainly hold someone back from taking the leap. What is ‘Jenny’ sees what I am doing online and she thinks it’s a silly idea? What if my mother-in-law thinks I am wasting my time and I really should be spending that time with my children? Your inner voice will play with your mind again and again if you don’t take actions to shut it down OR, as I do, fill it up with positive information (through podcasts, books and inspirational speakers) so that it does not get a chance to speak. This is especially true when you are starting out a business.

I once read a phrase about women and the imaginary friends and imaginary enemies, and I will include it below…

“I think as women do a really good job with our imaginary enemies.
That feeling that you are not quite good enough.
Imaginary enemy.
Or that you don’t quite measure up.
Imaginary enemy.
Or that you will be found out in some way.
Imaginary enemy.
Or that everyone else has it all figured out and you don’t.
Imaginary enemy.
And that everyone else SO has their shit together but you don’t.
Imaginary enemy.”


When it comes to starting a business, I think we can get lost in this space if we don’t take a stand and say, enough! “I am going to do it and see where it takes me”

That particular journey may be one of the greatest adventures you might have…and as Brene Brown says “Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are”.



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