Your business probably has little to do with you being the most flexible person on the block.

And unless you sell active wear or are a pilates instructor, wearing the latest LuLu Lemon may not increase your sales.

But yoga does have one key practice that will exponentially support your business should you adopt this particular practice on a regular basis.

Today I was reminded of this and it drove home tome how important this is especially with todays’ social media being omnipresent in our lives.

We were half way through another awkward yoga pose, when our instructor asked us to standup straight and balance on one leg whilst the other leg was leaning in a V shape on the other leg. Mine was more like a saggy ‘Y’.

Today I was reminded of this in one of the few yoga classes I get to each week. This particular Wednesday class is my ‘exercise holy grail’ in my week because it starts neatly after the school drop off and I can dove tail it into my day without a lot of disruption to my schedule (Both from a timing and location perspective).

We were half way through another awkward yoga pose, when our instructor asked us to standup straight and balance on one leg whilst the other leg was leaning in a V shape on the other leg. Mine was more like a saggy ‘Y’.

And the next instruction she gave us was the key to the pose.

One Yoga Position Can Improve Your Business

She told us to focus at a point on the floor approximately 3 feet in front of us and keep our focus there. She then said, keep your focus on that point that you have chosen and this is where you will find your balance.

She told us when you are looking at other people in the class, you will fall off balance and out of your pose.

How true.

And as she said it, so too did my pose drop.

I inadvertently looked over at my rather bendy yoga neighbor and sure enough, bang. Both of my feet were once again planted on the ground and I was out of my pose.

This was a perfectly simple reminder of how important it is to keep your focus on your business. When you are giving your business  the time and respect it deserves, and you deserve as a business owner, then that is when the opportunities come knocking at your door. That is when the random clients start contacting you and asking if you can help them, coach them, train them or sell the your products.

However, when you have your focus on what everyone else is doing, whether that be your friends’ business, your mentors or even your competition (if you are being yourself, you don’t have any competition) that is when your business starts to slow down and your energy starts to impact your business flow.

There is an unresourceful energy in comparing your business to other businesses out there whether they are similar or different to yours. That ‘comparison energy’, as Ali Brown describes it, is a thief of joy. It will steal your joy, and it will stifle, if not take down your creativity. Little good will come from your focus being out of your business and in someone else’s.

I once read a quote about there being 3 types of businesses in the world.

First, there is Gods Business (or source or creators or whom you may believe in),

Second, there are Other People’s Business and last,

There is Your Business.

Now whilst God is off taking care of the animals and plants and the universe, other people are taking care of their business. If your nose is in other people’s business, and what they are doing, posting, launching, growing, promoting, affiliating, building, selling etc…. then who is attending to your business?

No-one is as interested or as invested in your business succeeding as much as you are. Fact.

Work on your business first. Let this be where your focus is and in your down time, then sure you can check out what others are doing for some inspiration…but let your business come first.

If you give your business the attention and respect it deserves, your business (and the universe) will treat you accordingly.

It’s the old adage…’Treat others like you would have them treat you’, and the same goes in business.


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